Why do my feet hurt first thing in the morning even before I get to the bathroom?

There can be several causes of foot pain...but one of the most common is Plantar Fasciitis ( A contraction of the Plantar tissue on the bottom of your foot)

During the night or while seated your plantar tissue shortens when your body weight is off your feet.

This causes the plantar tissue to pull on tendons in your foot. The result is tendinitis, hence the inflammation and the pain you feel first thing in the morning.

A simple and usually effective method of relieving this pain is to wear arch supporting orthotics while you are on you feet during the day. The orthotics stretch out the plantar tissue. This stretching action will keep the contraction during the night to an acceptable level and help relieve the pain.

Please Note: We stock multiple orthotics in the $40 to $60 range that come in sizes to fit your feet.

The key to plantar fasciitis relief is firm arch support not softer cushioning. Many people think that adding a softer layer to the footwear will relieve the pain but this rarely works. Firm arch support is necessary to combat plantar fasciitis.

Don't spend $500 or more at the store at the mall with the fancy computer scanner. Stop in and discuss your situation with us for straight answers and a Free Test Walk of your new orthotics. Our orthotic products also come with a 100% money back gaurantee. The only thing you have to lose is the pain.

Orthotics are always in stock in your correct size at Ct Boot and Shoe 41 Water St Torrington

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