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Why do my feet hurt first thing in the morning even before I get to the bathroom?

There can be several causes of foot pain...but one of the most common is Plantar Fasciitis ( A contraction of the Plantar tissue on the bottom of your foot) During the night or while seated your plantar tissue shortens when your body weight is off your fe...more


If you are constantly breaking your boot laces the eyelets in your boots are usually worn out. The abrasion from the worn out eyelets causes the lace to fray and when you pull it up to tie the lace tight it breaks. AT CT BOOT & SHOE we have the solution t...more

My feet are extra wide can you fit me?

Yes we can. Many work shoes and work boots come in a EEEE width. This accommodates very wide feet. We must caution that you still need to measure both feet. Many times the shape of a shoe will change your comfort level significantly to the point that you ...more

Have NARROW feet?

At Ct Boot and Shoe we stock narrow widths in selected footwear to fit your narrow feet properly. About 6% of our customers wear narrow work boots. Not many styles of boots are made in narrow widths so you may not be able to get exactly what you want. We ...more

Why should I test walk more than one pair of the same boot?

Test walking new footwear is essential if you are to find a really good fitting pair of work boots. For example, suppose you try on a pair of size 10 medium. The boot feels just a little snug at the ball of your foot as it should if it is a "good" fitting ...more

Why should I care about the length of my arch?

When we measure your feet we always check the arch length. The arch length is the distance from the back of your heel to the center of the ball of your foot. The center of the ball of your foot is your flex point. Ideally we want your shoe to flex at abou...more

Tough Toe

If you wear out the toes of your boots prematurely...you can lower your cost of boot ownership by 50% or more!!! TOUGH TOE protective toe caps decrease the need for new boots by making your existing boots last longer. In some cases three to four times lon...more

Why do I get a blister every time I buy new footwear?

Simple...you're wearing the wrong size footwear. The footwear is either to long or to wide or both. Proper measuring for both toe and arch length along with a test walk of the footwear usually eliminates this problem. At Ct Boot and Shoe we always measur...more

If my feet ache at the end of the day do I need new boots?

Maybe not! If the foot beds inside your work footwear are worn out a simple replacement foot bed (cost $25.00) generally solves the problem. It's a lot cheaper that new footwear! You may need new boots if the old ones have worn out soles, a broken shank, ...more

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